Initiative „A place to grow“

Our initiative „A place to grow“ wants to give a voice to children without a home.

Goar B wrote the song „A place to grow“, which describes the serious situation of children who have lost their homes.

Through performances of the song, where local and refugee children sing together on the stage, we want to stand up for more heart and understanding of the cultures.

In Weilheim we are launching a project beyond this song in which we bring German and refugee children together for singing and making music on a regular basis.

The children are to be given the opportunity to sing and play fun and music of all cultures every 14 days. It is particularly important for us to develop mutual understanding and friendships between the children.

The project in Weilheim is intended as an example to be imitated in other cities as a contribution to integration through music.



Information about the performance at the Musikmesse Frankfurt

Meeting Messe Frankfurt

In March 2017 a meeting was held with the representatives of the Musikmesse Frankfurt, which made an appearance on April 7th, 2017 on the stage of „SchoolJam“, a pupil-band junior contest.

Frankfurt Music Academy

Together with children from the music school „Frankfurt Music Academy“ and the refugee accommodation „Bonames“, the song „A place to grow“ will be presented there. The English version of the Song „Zuhause“ is intended to give a voice to children without a home all around the world.