“We all speak it natively,
it connects people.
We all feel it.
Its music.”

Goar B | Unicade Music


“Music is natural. It’s what we all speak natively.
We feel it. It connects people immediately.”

Goar B | Unicade Music

about G-Culture

G-Culture is an international music project
initiated by music producer Goar B.

It stands for intercultural understanding
via music as an universal language.

It’s the passion for music we share
and our ambition to form a bridge
which will appeal to different cultures
all over the world in the unique language of music.

The musician, composer & music producer
Goar B – No.1 hit “Mambo No.5“ (​20th anniversary​)
offers the chance for talents to collaborate on some tracks for his new …
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G’Culture is an international music project established by music producer Goar B (international hits like  „Mambo No 5“). G’Culture combines genres and musicstyles from different countries all over the world and connects both musicians and audiences.

“We’d like to build a bridge by speaking the grand language of music to connect different cultures – so this music is not limited to only one language.”

“A place to grow”

A voice for children without a place to grow

Our initiative “A Place to grow” wants to give a voice to children without a home.

Goar B wrote the song „A place to grow“ which describes the serious situation of children who have lost their homes.

Through performances of the song, where local and refugee children sing together on the stage, we want to stnad up for more heart and understanding of the cultures.


Through his world hit Mambo No. 5, Goar B has been on the road musically all over the world for many years and has found out. The most valuable experience for me was … click here!

Peace for Afghanistan

Farhad Darya

For the production of a Peace-CD Farhad Darya chose internationally experienced music producer Goar B. Thirteen musicians from different countries contributed to the album “Yahoo”.

The music-peace project was funded by the German Development Service (DED). The Peace-CD “Yahoo” was distributed free of charge to radio stations in Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Due to the high illiteracy rate in these countries “Yahoo” is the perfect way to address the population there.


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  • FD 2
  • FD 6
  • FD 10
  • FD 9
  • FD 7
  • FD 5
  • FD 11
  • FD 8

Farhad Darya music is cosmopolitan and political in a very lyrical and richly illustrated manner. His songs are designed to help the people approach each other and that, especially in Afghanistan, his home, the arms are laid down.

Besides awards such as “Singer of the Year” in several countries, he received amongst others the 2006 Human Rights Award of his home and is since 2008 United Nations Ambassador of Peace.


About G’Culture

International Music Project